In the late summer of 1997 ADR, in cooperation with backyard mechanic Danny Reese, entered a car in the Demolition Derby at the Athens County fair. The car was donated by Wild Bill. It was an old Ford station wagon in which he and his family had travelled the country during his childhood in the 70's. It had been slowly decaying behind Bill's house having not run in a couple of years. Danny saw potential in the behemoth and got it running. It was then taken to his house in the country where he, along with Arnold Jonas, Chris Beister, and Nazz spent all night and the next day readying the monster for battle. By early evening it was as ready as it could be and we rolled to the dust and lights of the Athens fairgrounds. 
all photos are from a video by Tracy Greenwalt
Upon entering the grounds it didn't take long to realize what we were up against. The meanest, nastiest, gnarliest, fire-breathin'-est family wagons you ever saw were being hauled in on trailers from all over South Eastern Ohio. Jacked up, wired up, and stripped down with tractor tires and straight pipes shooting smoke and fire straight up from the engine block, these machines were the product of months, possibly years, of intensive Appalachian engineering. They hadn't wasted any money or time on paint jobs. Our noble wagon looked real sharp but we were going to be eaten alive.... 
Chapter TWO!
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